At The Hague's Apothecary

Here At The Hague, we have been shopping and blending essential oils for over twenty years. Over the last decade, we have seen an alarming trend in the way essential oils were being marketed and sold. We decided to go into business for ourselves when we realized how difficult it had become for people to find the highest quality essential oils without having to join a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) company. Using our knowledge and practice in the use of these oils, we set out to provide the best oils without any teams to join, or commitments to make. In addition to the sometimes contentious environment created by MLM companies, we saw how common the misrepresentation and misuse of essential oils had become. Essentially, we saw that oils were getting a bad name, and we wanted to fix that. Being educated in the art of aromatherapy, we respect oils and want to help others learn how to use them safely and effectively. 

The truth is, essential oils are powerful and ancient sources of health and well-being. Those who have the knowledge to use them properly and with respect for their unique properties and makeups are able to enjoy far-reaching and long-lasting benefits. Essential oils can also be dangerous, and should be used and sold by those who know what they are handling, and how to safely blend and apply them. There is no recognized body that tests and certifies essential oils, which is why no matter what is actually in oils being sold in stores and online, you will never find them graded anything other than “A” or marked as anything other than the best. The truth is, there isn’t a way to tell what you are buying unless you know how to discern distillation methods and botanical names for yourself. At The Hague, our product descriptions aren’t rosy, romanticized paragraphs that paint pictures of serenity or vitality or health. Because those are just words, and our customers deserve better than that. Instead, you will find the method of distillation, the botanical name of the plant, the note, the consistency, the strength of the aroma, and a list of uses for each oil. We also include, as a guide, oils that blend safely and well with each of our selections.

We want our customers to become experts in the use of essential oils, and feel confident that the oils they are using on themselves and their families are the very best on the market.