Blend No.4 - 15ml - Compare to Young Living Valor® and doTERRA Balance

Blend No.4 - 15ml - Compare to Young Living Valor® and doTERRA Balance

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100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils:  Tsuga canadensis (Spruce), Boswellia serrata (Frankincense), Tanacetum annuum (Blue Tansy), Aniba rosaeodora (Rosewood), Abies balsamea (Balsam Fir)

Carrier Oil: Sweet Almond

Blend No.4 mixes oils that encourage feelings of self-worth, empowerment, calm, and clarity. These oils, when used in combination, can help combat the mental and physical effects of anxiety, hypersensitivity, post traumatic stress, and sensory disorders. Must be diluted with a carrier oil when used topically, but can safely be applied to the bottoms of feet, at the wrists, or behind the ears, for immediate effects. Can also be diffused for up to an hour at a time, three times a day, by adding five drops to your favorite diffuser. Other variations of this blend are sold elsewhere, but most omit the important Aniba rosaeodora (Rosewood) because of its high cost, and the often difficult task of finding a supplier of pure and unadulterated oil. Blend No.4 is also superior in its potency, because of the concentration of Tanacetum annuum (Blue Tansy) and evidenced by the heady scent and lovely dark blue color of the finished blend. 


Disclaimer: AtTheHague does not provide medical advice and use of all products are at your own risk.  Please consult a doctor prior to use, especially if pregnant or nursing, or for use on elderly and children.  AtTheHague does not recommend internal use of essential oils.  Essential Oils should be diluted with a carrier oil.